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Thoughts on the evolution of economics in light of the Corona Virus shock

They say the best defense is action but action itself can be the enemy, we need to gain a clearer view on what is needed to be done and what is equally important to significantly reduce the odds of joining the fallen economies.

the house and senate need to think OOTB to create a solid underpinning for policy intervention and to introduce new set of rules and regulation before unbinding the current social distancing rules by Easter. in my opinion enforcing the responsibility of social distancing should be phased in and out based on the type of industry segments.

The House's failure to meet the challenge of change caused by the new COVID-19 epidemic by unleashing flurry of bills ( economic stimulus bills) in endeavor to get the economy back to its prior trajectory , although the congress and white house are commended for the size and scope of this emergency package it might be inactive to address the next stages that might be equally challenges ( if not more so) and these actions can result lead to active inertia that will hit the economy like proverbial deer in headlights. Unprecedented challenges require unprecedented solutions and cooperation.

  • Figure #1 : 2 billions Stimulus bill passed by the senate on 03/25/20

I believe industries should be compartmentalized into two multiple sections based on their versatility and adaptability to remote business continuity (e.g. technology versus airlines) in order to dictate their operation redeployment based on the respective safety and regulations , technology segment for example can sustain with longer period of business mobility on the other side however airline companies can make a choice between making little profit by operating more flights with less number of passengers for example or making loss by grounding all planes for longer period.

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